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Members Information Sessions – August 17 & 18
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  • Does your firm have what it takes to transform a city to become carbon neutral?
  • Do you have climate change solutions that can scale and are ready for market?
  • Are you working in the thermal energy sector or providing co-generation solutions as the electricity and thermal sectors begin to converge?
  • Have you worked on large infrastructure projects and helped local governments develop and implement climate change initiatives?
  • Are you willing to work as a team with other companies to collaborate on globally impactful solutions to climate change?
  • Are you looking to grow your business internationally?

The Toronto Clean Energy Partnership is bringing the top Toronto and Canadian companies together – to work as a team – to provide ideas and to develop proposals for selected Central and Eastern European cities who have high carbon emissions from their thermal and electrical generation systems and buildings. These proposals can be used by financial institutions and funders to undertake project financing feasibility studies. Many of these cities are already exploring climate change project financing.

As part of the Partnership you will also have the opportunity to meet with potential buyers to present your own service offerings and solutions. This represents a huge potential economic opportunity for Toronto’s green industries in international markets.

Key Information

There are 5 cities which the partnership is discussing or have confirmed that will participate in the next phase of the initiative: Kyiv (Ukraine); Prague (Czech Republic); Riga (Latvia); Warsaw (Poland); (City not confirmed yet) Serbia. Learn more about these markets of focus.

Participants must commit to attend and actively participate in the following:

  • Two 1-hour local “get to know our team” information sessions are planned and you must be able to attend one (August – September)
  • Three half-day “Solution Mission” events in September and October. Note: up to 5 events may be planned – one with each partner city. You can choose which 3 of the 5 you participate in.
  • Two Design Charrettes and follow up meetings to prepare a report and recommendations to move the partner city to a low carbon thermal energy future. This will entail up to 40 hours of your time over the period of November 2021 – February 2022. Each of these proposals will be between 10-20 pages long. Note: up to 3 partner cities may be eligible for this phase. You can choose which 2 of the 3 you participate in.

Each organization will need to assign a project lead for this initiative. Each organization may wish to have more than one staff member participate and this is encouraged. Only the organization’s lead needs to be identified at this time.

Each company in the partnership will be charged a small fee (covers the entire initiative) to ensure that only committed companies participate. Payment will be due after the first Solution Mission and will be made to OCTIA.

  • Independent business people: $25
  • Micro businesses (2-10 employees): $50
  • Small-medium sized businesses (11-499 employees): $100
  • Large businesses (500+ employees): $200
  • Academia, NGOs & Government Agencies: In-kind contribution

Fees are to partially offset costs associated to this initiative and services provided directly by the City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario and the Trade Commissioners Services are free of charge to Canadian clients and partners.

We are looking for industry, academic and government experts in the following areas to join the Toronto Clean Energy Partnership:
  • District Heating Systems (DHS) and individual building systems
  • Building retrofits, energy conservation and energy efficiency
  • Smart grids and integration of electricity and heat issues
  • Energy storage
  • Renewable energy and energy exchange and hydrogen
  • Carbon Sequestration

With expertise in:

  • Supply of technologies, products and components
  • Design and engineering
  • Large project management & consortium development
  • Deployment and installation (including training local workforces)
  • Policies and program development
  • Codes and standards
  • Working with communities to understand their interests and points of resistance
  • Project financing and funding

Please note: Submissions will be reviewed by an advisory committee. There is no assurance that all applications will be invited to participate on the team. All applications will be kept private and confidential.

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