Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest, Hungary

In 2020, Hungary adopted a new National Energy and Climate Strategy, setting the goals of phasing out coal by 2025, increasing solar capacities to 6000 MW, and reaching a 90% carbon neutral electricity production by 2030. The new energy strategy also has an ambitious plan targeting an increased 60% share of renewable energy resources in Hungary’s district heat production by 2030. The City of Budapest has been also working on the renewal of its 2018 Climate Strategy. The new strategy has been aligned with EU Climate Action Policies and Hungary’s latest National Energy and Climate Action Plan. The strategy targets a 40% decrease in CO2 emission from 2015 to 2030. To reach this target the city will be implementing a complex development program for the modernization of the Budapest district heating network, increase the share of renewable energy resources in district heat production and support green transportation developments between 2020 and 2030.


Gergely Morvai | Trade Commissioner

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