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Belgrade, Serbia: Thermal energy production and distribution is managed by PUC “Beogradske elektrane”, including maintenance of 1.600 km-long (two-way) DH distribution network, supplying hot water to 320,000 apartments or close to 50% of households in Belgrade. Annual heat energy supply of 350 million cubic meters is produced in 14 heating plants and 22 boiler rooms with primary energy source being natural gas (more than 96%). Serbia produces less than 20% of its annual gas demand, covering the supply gap with natural gas imported from Russian Federation. City of Belgrade has in 2020 presented the District Energy Action Plan until 2025 (with projections to 2040) which includes particular focus on following segments: increase of use of solar and geothermal energy, waste heat and introduction of cooling as a service. 

Source: PUC “Beogradske elektrane”, City of Belgrade, Statistical Office of Serbia


Filip Petrovic | Trade Commissioner


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