Energy storing batteries would help ensure reliable operation of Baltic power systems – Augstsprieguma Tikls

Irena Cirule, Trade Commissioner (Latvia)

Energy storing batteries would help the Baltic States to ensure a smooth and reliable operation of their power systems, representatives of Augstsprieguma Tikls transmission system operator (TSO) told LETA, citing a feasibility study conducted by Japanese energy company Tepco Power Grid Inc.

The study shows that in order in increase renewable energy production, a number of technical measures are needed to ensure the stability of the power system and the security of energy supply, and using the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) has been suggested as one of such measures. 

According to Augstsprieguma Tikls representatives, the feasibility study shows that the development of the BESS is the best way for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to ensure smooth and reliable operation of their power systems when up to 100 percent electricity is generated from renewable energy sources. Specifically, 240 megawatt (MW) capacity of the grid forming type battery systems will countermeasure the lack of inertia associated with wind and solar generation. 

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