Czech government approves environmental policy on lower emissions

Martina Taxova, Trade Commissioner (Czech Republic)

In 2021, the Czech Ministry of Environment approved a strategy to prioritize lowering emissions of harmful substances and greenhouse gases, along with more efficient use of water. The strategy has been incorporated into the State Environmental Policy of 2030 (SPŽP 2030), which states the country’s environmental vision to be accomplished by 2050.  SPŽP 2030 covers three main areas: Environment and Health, Climate Economy and Nature and Landscape, and sets ten strategic goals some of which include quality of water and air, greenhouse gas emissions, sustainability and climate change.

Among these goals are issues of national and international significance, such as following the Paris Agreement, and targets for better implementation of local sustainable development. The document emphasizes strengthening the current standards of environmental protection. As a part of the new agreement, the Czech Republic will invest a record CZK 300 billion in the environment and climate protection over the next 10.

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