The City of Toronto and its partners are organizing a new type of trade initiative – a solutions mission. Inspired by the work of the Absolute Zero Team Toronto team who competed in the Helsinki Energy Challenge, this initiative will support the development of a consortium of Toronto and Canadian clean energy companies who will work with international partners in Central and Eastern Europe to design, develop and implement solutions to eliminate carbon emissions from local heating systems in their major cities. Many of these cities still use coal to power community heating systems and have buildings with low energy efficiency. This initiative is aligned with the City of Toronto’s commitment as a member of the C40 to “demonstrate global climate leadership and inspire others to act in support of the Paris Agreement.”

About Toronto’s Green Industries

Toronto’s clean energy cluster is part of one of the most diverse local green sectors globally. The city’s green industries are strong and growing rapidly as economic decision-makers realize that protecting the environment is also good for creating jobs and local wealth. In 2019, Toronto’s green sector contributed over $6.5 billion to GDP and created over 60,000 jobs. Activities of the Toronto green sector fall into five main categories:  Resource Management (31%), Clean Energy (22%), Sustainable Transportation (22%), Green Buildings (20%) and the Bio-Economy (5%). Find out more.

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